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De Meervoudige Intelligenties

Intelligence is multiple. Each has its faculties, talents and motivations to develop some more than others. It is not a fixed parameter from birth but can develop throughout life by repetition. The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner. There are 8 of them. You can download the complete file.

Dossier : De Meervoudige Intelligenties

The intelligence of the heart or intrapersonal is to look inside oneself, to identify one's thoughts and emotions and to learn to control them to achieve one's goals. Those who own it like to think, have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, are skilled in setting goals and feel good when alone.

The intelligence of the world or interpersonal allows to learn about others. It helps us to develop cooperation and collaboration. It is worth noting that creating together makes us even stronger. It also allows empathy, tolerance and compassion.

The intelligence of language and speech allows us to communicate more easily. It allows us to learn to read, to express ideas, to make poetry, to create with words, to learn foreign languages ​​and it is also the intelligence of sounds. We look for rhymes, sounds, we create speeches, dialogues and we like the theater.

The intelligence of the head is logico-mathematical. It allows us to use numbers in an efficient way. Logic, analysis and observation are used to find solutions.

Visual intelligence is the ability to perceive the world in images. It is to be able to represent these images by the graphic or the drawing. It's also having a powerful imagination to design, draw, organize space and surfaces.

The intelligence of the body is moving and working. It's loving to touch, manipulate, play sports and exercise to get actively involved and feel good.

The musical intelligence is thinking in rhythm and melodies and being sensitive to the musicality of words and sentences. We like to dance, sing, make noise and play musical instruments to express ourselves. Music plays a big role in the discovery of oneself, one's emotions and one's well-being.

The intelligence of nature teaches us about the world around us, about plants and animals. We like to take care of them, study them and classify them. We like to be in nature and outdoors.

In conclusion, multiple intelligences allow us to learn much more about ourselves in a more detailed, concrete and orderly way. It gives us more confidence in our abilities or talents and allows us to understand that we can learn anything with minimum motivation and repetition and develop the right minds.

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